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Match Reports Week 8!

Match Reports:

Women’s 1s vs : 33-0

Another week, another WIN!

This week Women’s 1st team took on Lincoln 1st team with the help of a sideline sponsored by BUMBLE (or just Jackie and Salmon decked out in 10 pieces of merch each).

In a match CMann would describe as ‘almost bullying’, we thrashed Lincoln 33-0, an impressive feat.

A game of relentless attack (and reffing some would describe as extraordinary) pushed us further into the lead on the league leaderboard, with 5/5 wins and a positive goal difference of 76!!!!!!!!!!! #WINTHELEAAAAGUE

Some brilliant transitions involving Bella, India, Lufu and Jess allowed for some spectacular goals. Special mention to Lufu though who managed to argue with the refs DESPITE the ref being me. Pipe down lu x

Highlights include the straight defence and goalie Becca not once touching the ball, some QUESTIONABLE flicking by India and Sophie, and the 19 minute 3rd quarter because I forgot to press start on the stopwatch.

Dick of the day is me, because despite my lack of contribution to the score (and the fact I wasn’t even on the pitch), I’m very happy to take full credit for the game!! woohooo 33-0 win!!

All in all a great game (thanks for coming Jackie, Pappy and Salmon), against a very gracious Lincoln. Tune in next week to see us remain undefeated x

Lots of lax love, G & Neve x

Men’s 1s vs UEA: 7 – 3

UEA? more like URShit lol.

Once again Warwick Men’s 1st travelled away, this time even further afield at Norwich. The journey over was solemn, and the pre-game hype was non-existent, as we prepared to face a team that was equal on points with us and seeking revenge for a close pre-season loss against Warwick.

The first quarter was exceedingly close as 13 of us battled against their 23-man squad, which finished 0-0. By half time we were 3-1 up but looking fairly Even Stevens.

The third quarter however went completely Warwick’s ways, as Toby Collins continued his incredible form on crease (and Pop! I hear), whilst our defence tackled the experienced UEA outfit in cool, calm, and collected style.

As the crowds gathered on the side-lines, reaching 50 people by the end of the game, we continued our well-structured and intelligent play, keeping the ball and reacting well to our opponents’ tactical changes.

The game finished 7-3 after 80 minutes, consolidating our position at 2nd in the table, and persuading most of the team to find last-minute circle tickets on the bus back, as they conversed happily over a couple Oranjebooms and the odd milk bottle.

FINAL SCORE: UEA 3 – 7 Warwick GOALSCORERS: Toby Collins (5+2 from Pop!); Ryan McGrath (1); Alex Chatfield (1) FORM: WLWWWW

Lots of love, CMann xx

Women’s 2s vs Derby 1s: 18 - 3

On Wednesday the women’s 2s travelled to derby to show their strengths in a match resulting in a satisfying 18-3 win.

Despite some trying start up conditions including some pretty meagre attempts to overcome absolutely no lacrosse markings on the pitch and having just under 10 minutes to warm up, we scored the first goal within the first 3 minutes of the game, setting the pace for the remainder of the match.

The rest of the match saw Warwick continue to excel, scoring goal after goal whilst maintaining a strong defence, only conceding 3 goals across the whole match and 0 during the last quarter, testament also to goalie Bea and her incredible track record.

Highlights of the game include Rachel scoring a hat trick in the second quarter of the match, Flo scoring a beautiful goal in the third quarter, which was also her first BUCS goal, and Emily Edwards continually chasing balls to ensure we didn’t lose possession.

Spicing up the day as a whole on other fronts were Karina shouting ‘fake news’ at the ref when he called up Chloe unjustly, Steph telling the ref to disallow her own goal (my hero :weary:), and some extremely x-rated and colourful fresh factors from women’s rugby on the coach home which made us all rethink our sorry, innocent lives and remember that no matter how incredible and successful you may be, there’s always room for improvement.

MOTM: Willa Ferrabee with special mention to Gemma Webb

Men’s 2s vs Nottingham 4s: 4 - 0

Set the scene, 14:20 on Wednesday in the prime location that is Bluebell car park. A full squad of 14 was rallied around the bus stop, yet ‘star player’ Ronald Cvek (pronounced Shvek apparently) was still nowhere to be found, a recurring theme from last year. Half an hour late, his taxi arrives and the Warwick 2s began their valiant journey north into unchartered territories, to the city of Nottingham.

First face, and Mr. Flury set the scene for the absolute shafting their team was about to receive. Its been much speculated that he is a creature of habit, opting to perform the same way every time… He gave Nottingham a bit of the Luca special, running the ball around the crease and into goal. Many might call him a missionary of Lacrosse, whose sole aim is to smash the back of the net. By half-time Warwick were 2-0 up, so his tactics were clearly working.

Pressure was ramped up in the second half due to the news that Warwick Lacrosse had a bit of a winning streak. Team unity with passes flowing like a coursing river, along with a bit of Lahockey and some exceptional footwork from Reece Piper, allowed Connor Buckenham to secure Warwick’s lead at 3-0. Morale was high, yet with rumours of an LSM potentially being played, it appeared the squad was becoming complacent. With every attacker taking shots at the goal, and Lemuel Fulgencio being there like the supportive mother of the group on X to win the ball, Mr. Flury was eventually to score again, winning the game for Warwick 4-0. With such a poor performance, its hard to see how they are still the best uni in Nottingham (We’ll forget this was their 4th team).

MOTM goes to Louis Fleming, for keeping a sheet as clean as each member of the 2s after their shower before circle (still not sorry Harry & Lufu). DOTD goes to Tom Armitage for some extraordinary dropped passes.

Mixed vs Nottingham: 6 - 11

Warwick Mixed Lacrosse played Nottingham on Sunday (18th). Even though Nottingham struggled to put a team together, they finally managed it and the first whistle blew at 11:40. After a very intense and stressful game, Warwick unfortunately lost… 11-6.

The beginning of the match was very hard and UoN opened the score 2’ in and kept on scoring until reaching 3-0 at the end of the first quarter. Of course, it did not stop Warwick at all and made us want to fight even harder. Beginning of the second quarter, our lovely fresher Connor opened the score for Warwick and scored twice in 5’. The end of the second quarter is rather tensed, the game goes fast, and players start getting tired of running all the way from one edge of the pitch to the other. Before the beginning of half-time, Connor managed, with the help of our favourite male PhD student Jorge, to bring the score from 3-2 to 5-3.

Half times comes, new strategy in, players ready to win. The second half was very similar to the first one: stress, eager to win, team working, determination. Connor managed to get the ball and to make his way toward the Nott’s goal and scored, again and again. Here we are, 5-5. The end of the game has gone very fast and even if the last goal scored by our beloved social sec, Dunny, hasn’t made us win, this game was a quality one and we would like to thanks Nottingham for hosting the game and both teams for a very good time!

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