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We are so excited to be offering Lacrosse Rock Up and Play sessions this year, run by our very own university Lacrosse officer!


We are committed to growing the game here at Warwick Lacrosse, and as such the sessions are open to anyone and everyone!


Whatever your ability and/or experience level we'd love to see you there and particularly want to emphasise the welcoming and supporting environment of the sessions to those groups currently underrepresented in sport - we think everyone should get active and get involved and we can't think of a better sport to facilitate that! Even for those seasoned professionals amongst us, the extra hour of very fun gameplay and drills is another avenue through which you can hone in your skills to meet whatever personal goals you may have. 

Come along on Thursdays from 5- 6pm on the Westwood Sand-based Pitch! There is no pressure to commit every week, just feel free to Rock Up and Play! 



As a mixed club, one of the biggest and best on campus at that, Mixed Lacrosse is another way in which we bring together the men's and women's sides to, as usual, have fun! What better way to have fun then in a way that improves your Lax skills, keeps you fit and gives the opportunity for extra match play on top of all that!


No, it's not too good to be true - come along on Thursdays from 6- 7:30pm on the Westwood Sand-based Pitch to get involved! Whether you've never picked up a stick before or are an experienced veteran we'd love to see you there. Mixed is particularly popular with students, especially Postgrads, who aren't too keen on the higher commitment of BUCS.


Mixed is also contact free proving further that there's a place for everyone, regardless of your playing preferences, in the club! 




Development is a key part of Warwick Lacrosse as a club, and success here is by no means reserved to those who have played extensively before!


Quite the opposite is in fact true, and accordingly we run comprehensive development sessions for both Men's and Women's Lacrosse every week. Our dedicated development captains oversee this and are committed to ensuring that everyone who comes along gets the most out of the sessions. 


We are actively involved in regional development tournaments as well as friendly matches with other universities and clubs, to really provide those who are new to the sport with every opportunity to excel in it!


We firmly believe that it's never too late to join either, so whether you're a fresher, finalist or anything in between we can guarantee you an unparalleled, exciting sporting experience! Come along on Tuesdays from 5- 6pm on the Westwood Tarkett Pitch to get involved! 

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