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TNL 2024

The weekly tournament TNL commences on Tuesday, week 3, and lasts until week 8! It’s a fun social event, and everyone is welcome! 

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  • TNL (Tuesday Night Lights) is an annual fun & friendly 6-a-side lacrosse tournament organised every Tuesday in term 3. 

  • It runs from week 3 to week 8.

  • open to anyone within the university- *no lacrosse experience needed!

  • Signing up places you into a team of mixed ability (male and female separate) so you can learn lots of tips + tricks from your peers!

  • There’s also a chance to get involved in our Charity Fantasy League!!

  • Matches last only 30 minutes

  • Involves an exclusive invite into lacrosse socials

  • Only £5 per person.

More Info will be added once tournament starts!

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