Men's 1st Team

Captain: Charlie Mann 
Vice-Captain: Ben Papworth 

Currently playing in BUCS 1A division of Midlands Lacrosse


Men's Lacrosse is a fast paced, full contact sport, with its spot as 'the fastest game on two feet' making it one of the most exciting and quickly growing sports around. Here at Warwick we currently field two Men's BUCS teams that play in the Midlands 1A and 2B divisions respectively. 


There is fluidity between teams with lots of margin for upwards mobility and development. Both teams pride themselves on their competitive,yet supportive, spirit and strong training ethic as well as BUCS success! 


1's Team Captain: Reece Piper

1's Team Vice Captain: Jack Barker




Development is at the heart of Men's Lacrosse here at Warwick, with most of our players, though coming from a range of sporting backgrounds, being initially new to the sport! 


We have two dedicated development captains that run sessions weekly, teaching the basics and honing in on key skills. Men's Lacrosse at Warwick is an opportunity to transfer, or build upon, your sporting potential and apply it to one of the most exciting games around. 

Development Captain: Ben Haak

Development Vice Captain: Vincent Lai 


Men's Lacrosse at Warwick is guaranteed to be a supportive, fun and exciting sporting experience regardless of your experience and ability level!


There is a fantastic cohesive dynamic between teams and players, with everyone coming together under an enthusiasm for the sport. As such we can guarantee you an unrivalled  welcoming, supportive and fun environment! It's never too late to join!


Click below for a university decision you won't regret! 

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