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Warwick Lacrosse's Club reputation has always been one of inclusivity, comittment to giving back to the community that makes us and charitable ethos. In 2018 we were named by the Student Union as 'Most Charitable Sports Club of the year', a title we are exceptionally proud of and a true testament to all the hard work we put into fundraising. 

Other highlights from past years include raising over £10,000 for charity, and the launch of our very own designer handbag charity auction. These charitable successes are something we are very keen to add to and improve on both this year and the years to come! 



This year our chosen charity shall be the Beer-Harris Memorial Trust. This is a charity very close to our hearts as it honours Joe Harris, an active member of the club that tragically died last year. During his time at Warwick he was a much loved and dedicated member of Lacrosse who gave every ounce of his spare time to the club; he even captained our mixed team during our most successful season to date. 

The Beer-Harris Memorial Trust was set up to honour Joe's uncle who struggled with mental health issues. Therefore, the charity aims to raise money to fund research for mental health related illness and help to provide support for those struggling. The charity recently changed its name to honour the work that Joe had done for the charity in his lifetime, and this year, the club has introduced the Joe Harris award to recognise outstanding contribution to the club. 

Our Club's charity is one we are proud to support as not only are we honouring someone we loved but also in recent years mental health issues have significantly increased within the student population, making it an even more prevalent charity to support. 


Charity is very much still a central part of what we get up to off of the field. We are proud to announce the introduction of our own welfare officer, to support the needs of members, in line with the aims of our chosen charity as well as various others, like Mind and Papyrus that we are involved with. This we hope will a valuable parallel to the work that we do for our wider community, reiterating the messages we are advocating for around campus.  



Events we are excited to be organising this year include: 


  • A Charity Auction.

  • 24 Hour Sponsored Lacrosse Stick Drills.

  • Mindfulness Workshops with Mind, as well as collaborations with societies like     MindAware Warwick. 

  • Volunteering at Nightline, our University Samaritans equivalent.

  •  Men's 1's V Women's 1's Charity match.

  • Our annual 7-a-side Lacrosse Tournament, members from other sports clubs regularly join us for this. 

  •  A Charity dance competition.

  • A Beer-pong tournament. 

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