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Mixed Lacrosse is another aspect of what makes our club so accessible and inclusive.


Open to complete beginners as well as seasoned pros, our weekly training sessions are a great way for anyone, at any ability, to have fun and play not only in a relaxed setting, but also in an environment that further strengthens the mixed nature of Warwick Lacrosse!


We compete weekly in a regional Mixed Lacrosse League against other universities and clubs giving those who get involved a competitive way to further build on their Lax skills! 



Mixed is a fantastic avenue through which to build confidence, particularly with female players in line with our commitment to the #ThisGirlCan initiative. It's a way to get in extra gameplay, an opportunity utilised even by our most experienced BUCS players!


The rules differ to both Men's and Women's Lacrosse giving those who come along to play a fun, relaxed way to get involved if they prefer the lower contact level. We also find that we have really great Postgraduate engagement who find the reduced pressure and Sunday matches suit their often very busy timetables. 

Mixed Captain: Ollie Verny-White

Mixed Vice Captain: Grace Woosey

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