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We were lucky to be able to host Derby’s women’s team for a friendly match on Wednesday 16th June.

Our team ready to take on Derby’s side was comprised of the following 1’s and 2’s players:

Jess Roberts

Abby Graham

Becca Ashworth

Christie Marlborough

Rhea Gudiwala

Sofia Hassan

Serena Gupta

Amber Bentley

Alice Bataillon

Hasna Virk

Lydia Owen-Morrell

Violette Quinson

Isabelle Speciale

Livia Mendez de Vigo

Caity Nutting

Despite having to manage a few technical difficulties and a delay to the start of the game, the team geared up to take on the Derby side. The team quickly settled into their positions and soon came to dominate the first quarter. With convincing centre draws taken by Lydia and possession seized upon by Alice and Abby, the team worked the ball into the attacking third where Sofia was waiting, netting three goals within the first few minutes of the game to give Warwick an early lead.

The game continued and Warwick kept their energy and motivation levels high, despite the heat and exhaustion from an intensely fought game. Although Becca was relentless and had some unbelievable saves, the Warwick ladies continued to press forward, regularly finding the back of the net, with particularly impressive goals scored by Abby and Hasna, whose experience and quick movement around goal seamlessly wore down Derby’s defensive line.

Throughout the game, many of our players took on the challenge of playing in unfamiliar positions, demonstrating versatility and adaptability that will no doubt serve us well next season. For a team that has played very little together, the Warwick side showed off impressive communication and quickly adapted to changes in play and tactics.

The final score was 12-2 to Warwick. A convincing victory in the face of fierce competition seemed an appropriate way to finish off this lacrosse season, especially for those for whom it was their last game. It was lovely to be able to finish on a high and we hope to be able to continue to deliver similar results next season.

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