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Warwick Women’s 1st v Nottingham Trent 09/11/2016

Warwick 9 - Nottingham Trent 6

This match was crucial to secure Warwick's safe position in the league table. Even so, the pressure did not prove too much and Warwick dominated the game, with roughly 70% possession of the ball.

Trent struggled to get past the solid Warwick defence, and despite the pace of some of their fastest players, Warwick was able to hold their own. With great interceptions and turnovers from Katie and Bella, allowing Warwick were able to smoothly transition the ball into the attacking third.

Once in attack, we had several opportunities on goal, with some beautiful shots and drives from Emily, Sarena and India.

A special shoutout has to go out to Jess, who stepped in to help ref the match.

Team: Sarena Clarke (2), Bella Duncan, Tobi Enaigbe, Anne Le Roux, Georgie Lane, India Mackay (1), Tamara Moon, Ellanna Morrison, Emily Mort (4), Becky Munroe, Jess Noakes, Ugochi Onwuanibe, Malika Oyebola, Meleesha Perera, Tabitha Pople, Katie Standen, Meghna Vaghini, Neve Walker.

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