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Warwick Women’s 1st v Cambridge 2nd 19/10/2016

Warwick 4 - Cambridge 7

This week Warwick took on Cambridge in their second BUCS game of the year. Hoping to repeat last weeks victory, the Warwick women faced a tough start as Cambridge took the lead scoring three goals off the fast break in the first quarter. Indeed, the superior fitness and speed of the Cambridge women was proving too much for the Warwick team to keep up and by the end of the first half Cambridge were leading.

In the third quarter the defiant Warwick team worked hard to come back. Hustling for every ball, settling well in attack and keeping Cambridge out in the defensive third to force a turnover, Warwick fought back to equalise by the end of the third quarter.

However it was not to be, and in the final fifteen minutes of the game Cambridge scored three goals before slowing the possession in play to calmly look after their lead.

Despite losing the match overall, the Warwick women were very proud of how well they played, particularly in the third quarter which featured some of their best lacrosse. Bella Duncan in particular played well, scoring her first two goals in the BUCS league.

Team: Sarena Clarke (1), Bella Duncan (1), Georgie Lane, Anne Le Roux (2), India Mackay, Tamara Moon, Ellanna Morrison, Becky Munroe, Jess Noakes, Ugochi Onwuanibe, Malika Oyebola, Tabitha Pople, Katie Standen, Meghna Vaghini.

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