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For Warwicks first game back in term 3 we took on the challenge of playing Loughborough’s 1’s. Our team consisted of the following 1’s and 2’s players:

Caity Nutting Katy Harrington

Jess Roberts Lily Whitehead

Abby Graham Lucy Evans

Alexa Mangeant Millie Geddes

Becca Ashworth Rebecca Fisher

Christie Marlborough Rhea Gudiwala

Dee Morgan Saskia Tw

Sofia Hassan

Throughout the game the team worked tirelessly, with Jess Abby and Saskia dominating the midfield. Millie shared her expertise with the defensive side of the pitch and the attackers were waiting ready to utilise their time with the ball. Goals came from Abby, Saskia and Sofia who used both skill and determination to score these impressive goals.

Despite loughborough being a more experienced team, Warwick kept their motivation high and kept on pushing through. Throughout the game the improvement seen was enormous with the team becoming stronger every second that went by.

The game ended in 24-4 to loughborough but playing “we are the champions” on the bus home made us realise who the real winners were. The match day ended with a mix of emotions with this being the first game for some, but the last game for others, as we say goodbye to Millie, Jess, Abby and Saskia. These girls have undoubtedly shaped Warwick lacrosse into what it is now and it was such a privilege to play your last game alongside you.

With the day coming to an end, the only thing left to do is announce the winner and loser of fresh factor. A huge congratulations to Sofia whose Justin Bieber impression was out of this world. The loser of the fresh factor was Dee… we have all heard that story before.

Man of the match: Abby Graham, Millie Geddes, Saskia Tw and Jess Roberts (sorry girls i couldn't choose)

Dick(s) of the day: Alexa Mangeant and Rhea Gudiwala for “carrying” the team without stepping a foot onto the pitch

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Millie G
Millie G

Love this!

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