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Warwick Men’s SEMLA v Southampton SEMLA 22/10/2016

Warwick 5 - Southampton 18

The SEMLA team played the visiting Southampton in a high scoring exciting game this Saturday. As a result of injuries and last minute drop-outs both teams only had 10 players. This led to the decision to play 8s rather than the standard game format. Warwick played a mostly fresh team with a few second team players to give the freshers an experience of what a lacrosse game is like, as well as what to expect when they play their first BUCS game.

Despite the commendable efforts of the two Warwick Novice defenders, Southampton's veteran attack force swiftly pulled ahead. An absolute screamer from Yonny Lee was Warwick's only consolation in this quarter.

Warwick’s defence improved vastly over the next quarter successfully slowing down the flow of the goals, however they were unable to stop them completely. This quarter was much better for Warwick with Kryztof Jakubiak scoring two goals in his first game playing outfield and Alex Chatfield also netting one.

The next two quarters proceeded in the same fashion with Alex Chatfield and Yonny Lee taking another goal each in the third and fourth quarters respectively.

All in all, it was a great day of lacrosse and we achieved our ultimate aim, which was to give the new freshers a taste of what lacrosse is about. A special mention must be made to Charlie Mann whose celebrated his birthday today and was also chosen as man of the match for his solid play in defence.

Team: Nicolas Ayala Arboleda, Charlie Mann, Krzysztof Jakubiak (2), Abdirahman Abdullahi, Alex Chatfield (1), Jim Berry, Yonny Lee (2), Jack Guise, Ben Hurdy.

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