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Warwick Men's 2nd v Coventry 02/11/2016

Warwick 3 - Coventry 10

Despite a loss, the men’s 2nds put in a shift against Coventry. The game was tied until the end of the 1st quarter, with neither team being able to score. However with a few lapses in concentration, Coventry were able to score the majority of their goals in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

Warwick’s three goals came in the form of three screamers, firstly from Yonny Lee who fired from long-range in the 2nd quarter. Luke Foster belted in a long-range goal as well in the 3rd quarter, followed by a deadly shot from Abdi Abdullahi who continues to add to his goal tally.

These three players are currently leading on the goal-scoring charts; Abdi (6), Luke (3), Yonny (3). However, fresher Nicolas Arboleda had a fine debut performance between the sticks – despite not being reflected in the score, Nic put in a string of unbelievable saves in the last quarter that heralded a mighty reaction from the crowd. He also raged at his defenders, prompting a warning from the ref, but we can forgive him for that – it’s called passion!

Team: Nicolas Arboleda, Oli Lester, Charlie Mann, Chris Slee, Krzysztof Jakubiak, Adam Duncan, Ed Steele, Max Kiel, Maciej Fabrycki, Zahid Rizvi, Luke Foster (1), Abdi Abdullahi (1), Will Owles, Alex Chatfield, Yonny Lee (1), Josh Footman.

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