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Warwick Men's 2nd v Birmingham 2nd 26/10/2016

Birmingham 10 - Warwick 5

The Warwick Men's 2nd's this week was a team of freshers in majority, who all played fantastically against a strong Birmingham team on their home ground.

For the most part, the game was very close, with Birmingham only leading by 5-4 during the third quarter. However Birmingham was able to take advantage as tiredness and injuries gave way for Warwick towards the end of the game.

Congratulations to Ed Steele who scored a goal on his debut appearance, a goal made fantasticly with the combination of Ed's ability to find space, and Luke Foster's long range passing. Alex Chatfield also contributed with a valuable goal. However having scored a hatrick (one at almost an impossible angle!), as well as winning the majority of his face-offs, Abdi Abdullahi is the deserved MOTM this game with a performance that Paul Rabil would have been proud of.

Team: Krzysztof Jakubiak, Charlie Mann, Sean Abbott-Imboden, Chris Slee, Abdi Abdullahi (3) Maciej Fabrycki, Alex Chatfield (1), Ed Steele (1), Yonny Lee, Josh Footman, Zahid Rizvi, Adam Duncan, Luke Foster

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