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Warwick 1sts v Birmingham 08/03/2017

Warwick 13 - Birmingham 15

This was our last match as a team together and despite the loss we absolutely smashed it. I’ve never been so proud of our playing, especially against the team at the top of our league. It was clear that everyone was fighting for the ball and this showed in our smooth performance. We were a real threat to Birmingham, and there was no better way to end our season than during this match.

Our attack settle play was very smooth, with constant movement around the goal and the fan. Birmingham had a strong defence, but working together as a unit, our attack got through several times. The midfield also worked very hard (lots of running) to turnover when we were defending, and to redefend. Our defence also were a strong unit, even though we could not always keep up with some of the Birmingham players in the fast break, we applied great pressure during settle play.

There were strong performances from the whole team, but a special shoutout must go to our goalie Meg, who saved countless amounts of goals, which helped us maintain a low goal difference.

Team: Sarena Clarke (2), Bella Duncan (1), Tobi Enaigbe, Anne Le Roux (1), India Mackay (1), Ellanna Morrison, Emily Mort (2), Becky Munroe (4), Jess Noakes, Ugochi Onwuanibe, Malika Oyebola (1), Meleesha Perera, Tabitha Pople, Katie Standen (1), Meghna Vaghini, Neve Walker.

Written by: Ugochi Onwuanibe - Women's First Team Vice Captain

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