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Updated: May 29, 2021

Cashback Lax vs Tiny Tots

The greatly anticipated TNL kicked off in style with a fierce contest between Cashback Lax and Tiny Tots. Despite a double whammy scored by Ashika and goals from Izzi and Rhea, the Tiny Tots dodged passed their line of defence to steal a marginal victory with goals from ‘Anna’ and Jas to take home the points. With a final score of 5-4 we wait for next week to see what there will be in store…

Toasties vs Don Simon

It was then time for the Toasties to take on the almighty Don Simon who faced their opponents with a somewhat uneasy and deceiving warmth. Unphased, the Toasties got down to business with Millie putting in a mighty shift to add two to the tally, assisted by Charlotte and Kirsty making their way onto the scoresheet. The drive and determination of the Don Simon girls did not go unnoticed, with the freshers in particular getting stuck in and making some outstanding passes and linking up with the team in attempts to get to goal. Unfortunately, the two goals scored by ‘Saskia’ were not enough to get them over the line, but maybe next week their luck will change and for Don Simon the stars will align…

Don't touch my balls vs Motorboats

Rearing to go as they braced themselves on the side-lines, the awaited match of Motorboats and Don’t touch my balls got underway. Hasna’s style was unmatched as she weaved in and out of defenders to reach goal, scoring an impressive 4 goals, with the help of Florence who shone on the pitch alongside Natalia, despite their relative lack of match experience… Not willing to give in, the Motorboats fought hard with Miranda’s experience and words of encouragement driving her team on, but goals from Katy and Emily were not enough to score them a victory in week 1 but they’ll be back next week with energy and fight for some more TNL fun…

Bananarama vs Feisty Ones

The big finale saw Banarama face off against the Feisty Ones, who, not put off by their intimidating team name, gave them a run for their money. The Feisty Ones brought their A-Game with Rebecca and Lily scoring the goals, upping the pressure on Bananarama who fought ferociously to bag the victory … A mighty performance from our Dev vice Caity who added 2 to her team’s scoresheet with Sofia impressing with stylish stickwork and finesse to bring their total to 4. We have to mention bananarama ‘accidentally’ having 6 players on the pitch, let's hope this was an inability to count rather than a poor effort to cheat. A valiant effort from the Feisty Ones ended in defeat but they’ll be back next week where I’m sure they’ll turn up the heat…

Dick of the Day goes to...Millie for nearly coming away with yet another concussion…& our MVP for Week 1 goes to Hasna for her standout performance that sealed the victory for ‘Don’t touch my balls’

Stay tuned for more TNL news & results next week!!!

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