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Cashback Lax vs Bananarama

As our teams prepared for the penultimate week of TNL of 2021, and with the finals approaching, Cashback Lax and Bananarama set the tone for an exciting evening of lacrosse. The glitter must have been a stroke of genius as Bananarama took to the field, displaying impressive skills and teamwork, setting up Sofia to score not one...not two... but three goals! Cashback Lax were relentless in their efforts to slow the attacking play, with Rhea impressing with her composure in rescuing ground balls and her pace on the counterattack. Sadly for Cashback Lax, Bananarama’s goal scorers were on form and sealed a victory ahead of next week’s grand finale.

MVP Cashback Lax: Rhea Gudiwala

MVP Bananarama: Caity Nutting

Don Simon vs Feisty Ones

We next turned our attention to the face-off between Don Simon and Feisty Ones, who’s gameplay was first-class, unlike their attendance... Don Simon played superbly, with amazing stickwork from Esme and impressive defensive play from Issy in particular. Saskia’s goal, though well-worked and executed with style, was not enough to defeat the Feisty Ones, whose accurate passing and fast gameplay created opportunities for scoring an almighty five goals, enough to secure the win.

MVP Feisty Ones: Lydia Owen-Morrell

MVP Don Simon: Issy Speciale

Don’t Touch my balls vs Tiny Tots

Next it was time for the Tiny Tots to take on Don’t Touch My Balls… A return to the team for the awe-inspiring Hasna begged the question: could Don’t Touch My Balls redeem themselves? Unfortunately, no. The team battled with intensity, with Molly’s feisty work for ground balls and Hasna’s weaving in and around goal providing enough to score two`goals. Alas, the Tiny Tots showed no mercy, making it 4 goals, despite a poor show on the attendance! An impressive stint by Mia on the field and a goal from Jas secured their victory and further added to the misery of Don’t Touch My Balls :( It’s all about the taking part though and they still smashed it with the spirited team chant :)

MVP Don’t Touch My Balls:Amy Parnell

MVP Tiny Tots: Mia Brown

TOASTIES VS Motorboats

Our final game saw the clash of the Toasties and Motorboats and it was an exciting game to finish the day! It was clear Millie was keen to return to the pitch as player rather than umpire, as she eagerly joined up with her team, scoring a double alongside an equally impressive hat trick from Kirsty. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best day out for Motorboats, who, despite putting in an impressive shift, were unable to score to challenge the Toasties’ remarkable record!

MVP Toasties: Kirsty Hamilton

MVP Motorboats: Miranda Hodgson

It has been such an amazing 7 weeks so far and we cannot wait to see our teams battle it out one last time in finals week 😊

Dick of the day: Rebecca Fisher for choosing isolation over TNL 🙄

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