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Match 1: Boom Lax v SnoreLax

The first match of the day saw teams on contrasting journeys, as the eliminated but surging Boom faced up against Snore, already deep in a slide through the ranks and under threat of missing out on a top 4 spot. As this years captains faced up, we also saw a clash of tactics, with Back ‘Sean Dyche’ Jarker once again unleashing the long balls, and Nye sweeping up with a slick move from X. Questions should be asked regarding sportsmanship here from Barker, and whether balls launched into orbit are still indeed shots on goal. However, Snore were undoubtedly slow to pick up on Boom doing the same thing. Every. Single. Time. This combined with injections of pace from Craft was too much for Snore, despite Reece netting 5, and Boom pulled off another upset to drop the halfway leaders down to a final placing of 5th.

Final Score Boom 7 - 5 Snore

MVP: Nye

MVF: James C

MVD: Barker

Match 1: Brain Damage v Team Marmite

Despite having it all to play for this week BD turned up depleted, with injuries sidelining key players Wilmshurst and Gould. With BD’s goalless display in week 4, Marmite could sense weakness, and knew that some early goals could increase the pressure and force further errors. The plan worked well early with Haak getting into good shooting positions - however an unexpected factor was an exceptional performance from GK Wilson, making some ridiculous saves to keep Marmite goalless going into half time. Javi (4) and Anthony converted at the other end to eventually put the game out of reach and see Brain Damage riding high coming into finals day.

Final Score BD 5 - 1 Marmite

MVP: Javi

MVF: Andrew Peng

MVD: Ben U

Match 1: Moose Lax v Warwick Pride

In the build up to this match, in typical fashion of inexplicably backing himself, Fleming set high stakes of a bottle of wine on a win against a Pride team only one point behind in the table. A team with such a strong defence as Pride would always match up well against Moose - and a sound gameplan of Rusdale on Wateridge and Thwaites on Fleming did indeed pay dividends - Matt was kept to long shots and Louis, although resisting with a brace, could not break through the Pride Wall. At the other end, Mason (2) and Rusdale (3) linked again to secure the victory for Pride, who come into the finals looking a serious threat to Brain Damage.

Final Score Pride 5 - 2 Moose

MVP: Rusdale

MVF: Alex

MVD: Ambrose

Match 1: Team Lad v Shark Lax

Coming into the final week’s action, Lad were the only team to have already clinched a top 4 spot, and with Shark needing a win to challenge, this game had an upset written all over it. However, in the hours before the game a string of drop outs meant Shark were suddenly looking unlikely to field a team. As a consequence, the fixture was a procession for a strong Lad core, despite only having 4 players themselves. With Wilson in goal keeping an admirable clean sheet and Baker on top form, ultimately this game was one-way traffic, Lad sealing first place with flair and Shark booking a fixture with Snore next week.

Final Score Lad 4 - 0 Shark

MVP: Baker

MVF: Jake

MVD: Jack Exelby

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