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Match Reports

Don Simon VS Cashback Lax

We kicked off week 6 with a tremendous battle between Don Simon and Cashback. In true TNL fashion Don Simon turned up with a total of 3 players, so with some help from willing volunteers managed to get together a strong team. Goals from this side came from Coro and Saskia, as well as the subs to add up to 7 goals in total! On the opposing team we saw goals from Ash, Rhea who returns after her sprained ankle, Izzi and Lucy. Unfortunately their efforts wernt quite enough with the game ending in 7-5 to Don Simon.

MVP Don Simon: Saskia

MVP Cashback: Elliemae

Dont touch my balls VS Bananarama

Next we saw DTMB and Bananarama enter the pitch. Today's match brought a very special occasion as Jackie returned to Lacrosse!!! Although taking it ‘steady’ you could see that she hadn't forgotten a thing about playing lacrosse- although she did forget the 2 pass rule a few times. Both teams played ferociously, with a goal coming from our 1’s vice Christie for DTMB and Sofia stealing the show for Bananarama with 3 goals. Caitys first appearance back in a few weeks got to her, as she was sent off for a dangerous shot at Christie's head. We saw some lovely tactics from both teams with all the freshers joining in, Izzy Piper is becoming a vital player alongside Molly and Imogen Harper. You wouldn't believe that these girls only started lacrosse this year! DTMB slipped down the table this week to 8th place, will the return of Hasna be able to change that for the final week?

MVP DTMB: Izzy Piper

MVP Bananarama: Jackie

Toasties vs Feisty Ones

With Toasies at the top of the table a very determined team of feisty ones entered the pitch to battle off against each other. As usual Millie kicked off the goal scoring with 2 for her team, alongside Charlotte and Kirsty who also scored one each. This teams defence was hard to break through but 1s Captain Rebecca scored a lovely 2 goals alongside Lydia, Hannah and their sub who all scored 1 each. This game demonstrated a fabulous example on how a match is really played with spectacular performances from both teams however it was Fiesty Ones who came out ontop with a score of 5-4. Despite this toasties still remain at the top of the table, but with one week left will they be able to hold on?

MVP Toasties: Eleanor Shaw

MVP Feisty Ones: Maisie Fisher

Tiny Tots vs Motorboats

For our last game each team had to call in some help, this resulted in the ultimate show down with the Old and New 1s captains Abby and Rebecca on one team, fighting against the old and new 1s vices Anna and Christie on the other. With Motorboats at the bottom of the table, their team was determined to change this, and that they did! Some terrific goals from Katy, Abby and Miranda brought their team total to 7 meanwhile Tiny Tots goals came from Anna and Christie! We also saw a major foul from Tiny Tots Camilla resulting in a 2 min time out. Despite an amazing fight it was Motorboats who were victorious, moving them up 2 places in the table. Are these one to watch out for next week?

MVP Tiny Tots: Rachel Duffy

MVP Motorboats: Alice Btn

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