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We have had a lot of movement in the table this week! Remember a lot can change in these last 2 weeks.


Match Reports

Don Simon VS Don’t touch my balls

To kick off week 5 we begin with Don Simon battling it out with Don't touch my balls. Some terrific teamwork from Don Simon saw goals from almost all of the team. Elina, Esme and Coro all with one goal each, Saskia scored 2 goals and Jess topped it off with a further 3 goals. Our new social sec Lydia came in strong with 2 assists for the team, bringing the score up to 8 for this outstanding team. On the opposing team, although no goals were scored they put up a great fight and definitely made Don Simon work for every goal scored!

MVP Don Simon: Saskia

MVP Don’t touch my balls: Florence

Toasties VS Cashback Lax

Next we see our reigning champions Toasties taking on Cashback. Once again Toasties dominated the pitch with 2 goals from Millie, and 1 goal apiece from Charlotte, Kirsty and Lucy Hayter. Lucy's dedication to lacrosse is definitely paying off, being a regular attender at Dev and BUCS sessions she's storming up and down the pitch like she's been playing for years! On the opposing team our cashback captain Hana scored the goal for her team. The match ended in 5-1. Will toasties be beaten next week?

MVP Toasties: Charlotte

MVP Cashback: Hana

Bananarama vs TinyTots

Our match kicked off in a very quiet fashion with both teams feeling the heat, not just from the match but the burning sun also. With Caity MIA this week due to exams, Bananarama faced a competitive match. Despite this Sofia came through with an amazing 2 goals backed up by Serena who scored a goal as well. For Tiny Tots “I'm just a defender” Dee wracked up 3 goals and 2 assists with Celine adding another 2 goals to the score sheet. BUT this game saw our first major foul as Celine committed a dangerous shot!!!

MVP Bananarama: Tash

MVP Tiny Tots: Rachel Duffy

Feisty ones VS Motorboats

For our final game we saw a faceoff between the ex and new 1’s captain and in my unbiased opinion this was one of the most exciting games we have had yet. First off motorboats showed up with 3 players so after some recruiting managed to pull a team together, some may say an unevenly matched team but we won't get onto that. It was Alice’s first match back after 6 months and she started the game strongly with a dangerous shot into Lydia's stomach resulting in a 2 minute timeout. She did manage to bring it back scoring a goal alongside Miranda and 2 goals from Abby. For Feisty one's goals came from Hannah and Lydia with assists from Rebecca. Throughout this game there were some brilliant checks coming from both sides, even under the watchful eye of Millie none were called dangerous. Both teams put up an amazing fight with the score ending 7-2 to Motorboats who brought home their first win of the tournament!!

MVP Feisty Ones: Flora

MVP Motorboats: Abby

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