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TNL Week 5 Match Report


A week of gripping fixtures and two draws sees the table remain tight at the top as we move into the penultimate week of the league.


Week 5 Top Performers

Points Player

7 Javier Fernandez

6 Reece, Baker, Wateridge, Rusdale

TNL Fantasy Leaders

Points Player

29 Wateridge

19 Mason, Javi, Reece

18 Walker

17 Jake, Baker

Match 1: Brain Damage v Team Lad

With both sides unable to get a full team on the pitch, the game starts out as 4 vs 4. However the lack of players didn’t seem to trouble Team Lad as they start the game strong with a couple of nice team goals and build up a solid lead. This wasn’t met with much of a response from BD who had a couple of good attacks but couldn’t manage to clutch a goal. The first half ends with the score being 3-0 to Lad. At half time BD gain a much needed extra player and start the second leg with confidence they have the upper hand but are very much demoralised by an almost instant goal from Lad, worsening the deficit. Just before losing all hope, BD finally manage to score 2 consecutive goals and are somewhat back in the game. Following this, BD players manage to use their extra player to their advantage and make strong comeback bringing the score to 5-5. With little time left the pressure was now on. After a couple more goals and both teams very tired at this point due to the lack of subs, BD finally get their first taste of a lead going 7-6 up. Determined not to lose after a such a strong start this gets an immediate response from Lad with a nice long distance goal. With the end of the game nearing and a couple of failed shots, neither team manages to get the winning goal and the game ends with a score of 7-7. - Ben U

Final Score BD 7 - 7 Lad

MVP: Javi

MVF: Adam

MVD: Ben U

Match 2: Boom Lax v Shark Lax

After a couple of gutting losses in close games, this was a must-win fixture for Shark in their bid to finish in the top half of the table. The match got off to a roaring start with both Ed BC and Ezra firing home early, with Boom appearing much better going forward than the table would suggest. After a sub-ideal “don’t care whose ball it is” attitude from ref Reece, the game was fairly close going into half-time. However, after some words of wisdom from the injured Dan, who loves a bit of rehab footy on the sideline, Shark ran away with the game in the second half. Some impressive performances from Ted and Jack and hat-tricks from Ed and Jake finished off the game. Special mention to Ed BC, who can only be described as the N’Golo Kanté of lacrosse, emptying his pockets at the end of the game to find Boom’s star players falling onto the floor. -Jake

Final Score Shark 6 - 1 Boom


MVF Jake

MVD Barker

Match 3: Marmite v Pride

With the long-awaited return of acclaimed county runner Louis Griffin, hopes were high for Warwick Pride who came up against a Marmite team with only 1 win under their belts. A scrappy first half ended 2-2 with goals from Rusdale and a lovely solo effort from Bradford being cancelled out by a brace from Haak. However in the second half, with Haak safely tucked away in Rusdale’s back pocket, Marmite’s attack fell apart, with a second goal from Rusdale giving him MVP honours and Pride the 3-2 victory. Assists came from Mason (3) who left his shooting boots at home, and Nolan. - Alex M

Final Score Marmite 2 - 3 Pride

MVP: Rusdale

MVF: Bradford

MVD: Humphries

Match 4: Moose v Snore

It’s common knowledge that, in life, you save the best for last, and so it was no surprise that Moose’s showdown with Snore was the final match of the evening. Spearheaded by bagsman Ridgewater, Moose went into the game with an unbeaten record and a fierce reputation. Snore went into the game with not enough players. Perhaps, as result, Moose were guilty of complacency, and a few sloppy moments were punished by Reece Piper and co. With the two teams at loggerheads, and the score tied, Ridgewater cannoned a shot into Piper’s skull, a perfectly justified example of gamesmanship. As Moose players gathered round to feign empathy, they were left stunned as Piper shook off the blunt force trauma, got to his feet, and put another two goals past them. Yet, as the sun started to set, and as Snore legs started to tire, Moose were able to find the spaces and recovered late on to end the game 5-5. - Fiachra

Final Score Moose 5 - 5 Snore

MVP: Reece

MVF: Fiachra

MVD: Bell

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