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Don’t Touch My Balls Vs Toasties

Having been delighted with three weeks of TNL passion, it’s no surprise that week 4 got underway with similar flair and flavour. The almighty Don’t Touch My Balls, ready with tactics and a ‘can-do’ attitude took to the pitch, facing off against the formidable Toasties, whose impressive record set the bar high! Not put off, Don’t Touch My Balls fought hard in defence, battling to obstruct the path to goal, with Izzy demonstrating impressive stickwork, yet, unfortunately goals from Millie, Charlotte, Kirsty, Hannah, Lily and a cohesive team performance by the Toasties secured them a grand victory, with a score of 7-0; just enough to get them over the line ;)

MVP Don’t Touch My Balls: Florence Schneck

MVP Toasties: Charlotte Freeman

Tiny Tots Vs Don Simon

Next, it was time to see what Tiny Tots and Don Simon had up their sleeves, with the Tiny Tots keen to set the record straight after a disappointing week…It was an intensely fought game with goals fired in each end as each team battled for the win… Despite being short on numbers, the Tiny Tots showed they’re a force to be reckoned with, amassing 7 goals, with 6 from Celine who dominated the scoresheet. Undeterred, Don Simon put up a good fight, with Jess easing 4 goals past Tiny Tot’s defensive line, but sadly this was not enough and the Tiny Tots came away with the win and score of 7-5.

MVP Tiny Tots: Celine Markantonis

MVP Don Simon: Charlotte Freeman

Cashback Lax Vs Feisty Ones

Hot under the sun, we turned our attention to the contest between Cashback Lax and Feisty Ones. Following an impressive performance by our Dev girls at the weekend, Elliemae carried this into her play, dominating in defence for Cashback Lax. Alas, the Feisty Ones came prepared, with two goals from our 1s captain, Rebecca, and a hat trick from Lydia, whose experience and team play showed just why they are great assets for the Feisty Ones! However, feisty ones have said a devastating goodbye to their captain lily as she returns home, will this affect their performance in the coming weeks?

MVP Cashback Lax: Hana Noor-Khan

MVP Feisty Ones: Lily Whitehead

Bananarama Vs Motorboats

Tuesday’s finale saw the meeting of Bananarama and Motorboats. In goal-scoring action again, Miranda gave Motorboats a goal, and yet, the accuracy of Bananarama's goal scorers, Poppy, Serena and Amber, crushed the hopes of Motorboats; no doubt they’ll come back next week to set the record straight and restore team pride!

MVP Bananarama: Amber Bentley

MVP Motorboats: Miranda Hodgeson


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