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This week we saw a lot of movement in the table - SnoreLax lose the top spot for the first time after a loss to Lad, who sit third, still reeling from the week 1 demolition. Marmite also get off the mark, whilst Pride narrow the gap in the battle for fourth.


Week 4 Top Performers

Points Player

9 Ben Haak

6 Louis Fleming

5 Matt Wateridge, Ed BC

TNL Fantasy Leaders

Points Player

23 Wateridge

16 Mason

13 Jake, Walker

Match 1: Moose Lax v Shark Lax

As the famous quote goes, ‘success breeds complacency’, and the Moose attitude entering the fixture against a talented Shark caused many to question if the time had come for the cockiness to be silenced. Motivated by seeing many flatmates and lining up opposite, this match always had more of a derby feel - however even with this build up, the lacrosse played exceeded all expectations. The Shark team came out with a very clear plan and took an early lead, and in spite of strong resistance from Fleming, Jake’s men took a 3-2 advantage into the break with a hat-trick from Ed BC. The second half was much the same, with Shark’s defensive plan causing Wateridge to shoot much more from his own half - undoubtedly something any Moose opponent is happy to see, even when he manages to score from that distance. Ed BC and Jake cancelled out Wateridge (2) to make the score 5-4 with 2 minutes to go and a minor upset looking all but confirmed, only for Matt and Louis to score in the dying seconds to snatch the victory, and close out another classic for the TNL history books.

Final Score Moose 6 5 Shark

MVP: Fleming

MVF: Dom

MVD: Jack Exelby

Match 2: Brain Damage v Warwick Pride

Go on any Lacrosse YouTube channel and you will find puritans arguing a defensive masterclass is more interesting to the spectator than a goalfest. This opinion is of course categorically wrong, and the frailty of such a claim was demonstrated once again as the D pole party that is Warwick Pride faced up against the eponymous players of Brain Damage. Pride’s defensive strength was on display yet again as we saw the first clean sheet of an otherwise high-scoring tournament, and goals from Mason and Rusdale secured a crucial victory for Pride, who close the gap in the mid-table and sit one win behind the top 2.

FInal Score Pride 3 0 BD

MVP: Rusdale

MVF: Alex

MVD: Evan

Match 3: Boom Lax vs Team Marmite

With both teams coming into week 4 sitting on a duck, the satisfying result for the egalitarians watching would undoubtedly be a draw, both teams taking their first points and all leaving happy. However, with the fiery personalities on these two teams there was never a chance of conservative play, and indeed this match was hotly contested from the start. Nye (2) linked up well with Barker to score twice for Boom and cancel out Haak (2) in the first half, with Dehalvi in particular strong defensively. However, Ben proved too hot to handle this week after an average start to the tournament, and eventually took apart Boom, scoring 4, featuring a reverse overhead shot into the top netting.

FInal Score Marmite 4 2 Boom

MVP: Haak

MVF: Zacky

MVD: Max

Match 4: Team Lad v SnoreLax

When watching Team Lad fixtures, it is sometimes unsettling how many similarities the game play has to actual lacrosse. Such steady ball rotation between attacking players and all 5 outfield players a goal threat at any one time in a free-for-all lacrosse format is a rare sight, and one that some have suggested should be prohibited at TNL. SnoreLax, on the other hand, have demonstrated their preference for 1-on-1 dodging lacrosse, and indeed both teams had seen much success coming into this week. Resistance from Piper and Downie, and another strong performance from Scorey and Fulk, were not enough for Snore, as Lad kept them at arm’s length for the 25 minutes, clinching a win that keeps the top of the table looking very tight going into week 5.

Final Score Lad 4 2 Snore

MVP: James

MVF: Cal

MVD: Ollie Scorey

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