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Tiny Tots vs Toasies

Our night started with Tiny Tots taking on Toasties! As the game kicked off it was soon apparent that the netball girls had been practicing with Lucy Hayter and Hannah Riley from Toasties storming the pitch with 3 goals from Hannah and an enormous 5 assists between them! On the opposing team Olivia Ball and Eleanor Mccutcheon both assisted the goal scored by Camilla. I think all these girls are starting to realise that they live,love,lax… Once again Millie set the standards with an impressive 4 goals bringing their total to 9. Assists also came from captain Alba and Sasha, with this team working like clockwork it's not surprising that they gave tiny tots a run for their money as the game ended in an impressive (or devastating) 9-1.

MVP Toasties: Lucy Hayter

MVP Tiny Tots: Lucy Robinson

Feisty Ones vs Don’t touch my balls

Our next game saw the much awaited face off between our 1’s captain and vice captain commence. The game saw some amazing skills from Hasnas chickens Florence, Molly, Hannah and Ria as they raced up and down the pitch with the ball, completing the 2 passes in record time. We saw some FEiStY goals from Lydia Owen who joined the hattrick club as well as Antonia who has definitely been converted to lacrosse. Assists came from Rebecca and Antonia. On the opposing team, despite Hasnas facetime pep talk there were only two goals from our vice Christie who I promise wasn't being competitive… and a beauty from Lauren Cutler supported by Niki. Despite their efforts the game ended in 5-2 to feisty ones.

MVP Feisty Ones: Antonia Satchell

MVP Don’t touch my balls: Niki Metha

Bananarama vs don simon

Up next we have the undefeated Bananarama (spoiler alert that's about to change) face off with Don Simon. Amber Bentley scored her first TNL goal for Bananarama showing off her impressive stick skills, alongside Caity and Sofia who have kept consistent throughout the whole duration of TNL. However this was no match for Don Simon who were determined to destroy their winning streak. Goals came from Jess who matched Millie's goal count, Saskia and Social Sec lydia who also scored her first goal! This team's determination saw them victorious with the match ending in 4-6. Word has come out since then, Bananarama's players were trembling at the knees to face off against the dynamic duo Jess and Saskia. Will this be a recurring theme?

MVP Bananarama: Natasha Boret

MVP Don Simon: Lydia Williams

Cashback lax vs motorboats

Our final game saw the much awaited return of Abby Graham to the pitch for Motorboats face off against Cashback Lax. Both Miranda and Ash joined the hatrick club this week, with 3 and 4 goals respectively for their team. Goals for motorboats also came from Abby who after some questionable counting from ref Millie was allowed. However this was not enough to hold back cashback as goals came pouring in from Rhea, Izzi and Lucy. It is worth mentioning the Izzi Baker fan club seems to just keep growing, my question is when will they get the pom poms out? A valiant effort from both teams as the game ended in 8-4 to Cashback, meaning motorboats are yet to secure a win. Hopefully Katy will be less drunk next week to make this possible.

MVP Cashback Lax: Ashika Morar

MVP Motorboats: Miranda Hodgson

Dick of the day: Rhea for spraining her ankle just in time for the loughborough match ...

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