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TNL Match Report Week 3


With many lower placed teams lacking players in the height of exam season, this week saw little change in the positions, with Moose and BD still hot on the heels of SnoreLax. With the bottom two teams facing off tomorrow, all teams can still claim to be in contention for top positions come Finals Day.


Fantasy League Leaders

Team Owner Points

Bargain Basement Jack Barker 58

Vinny’s Favs Vinny Lai 52

Big on Quality, Lidl on Price Finn Nolan 47

Bottling the Fresh Ben Joe 44

You better not pull my sister Finn Nolan 42


Week 3 Top Performers

Points Player

7 Ben U

6 Fleming

6 Wateridge, Jake, Javi

TNL Fantasy Leaders

Points Player

18 Wateridge

12 Mason

11 Javi, Reece

10 Jake, Ben U, James W

Match 1: Shark Lax v Snore Lax

Matchday three saw snoreLax in their true colours for the first time and it seemed to take them to a level not even the players themselves had envisioned. An early run from Reece piper saw him get his name on the scoresheet followed swiftly by an audacious shot from Downie to take the pinks in front. A textbook cut inside opened up the space for a clinical finish from Fulk early in the second half which paved the way for second goals for both downie and piper respectively to see off a game which, whilst may have seemed like an easy affair judging forms; was one of the most physical contests TNL ’21 had seen so far. Notable mention for newcomer Ben Ireland who despite having little to no ball handling talent played to his strengths in defence creating a human wall alongside fellow defender Ollie Scorey. - Zak

Final Score Snore 5 - 3 Shark

MVP Zach

MVF Jake

MVD Scorey

Match 2: Warwick Pride v Team Lad

Coming into the game with a win and a loss apiece, not only were 2 points at stake here, but also bragging rights between Mason and Hockley for top fresher captain in D block Rootes. Pride came into the match with an unorthodox tactic of 3 D-Poles on the pitch, with Rusdale, Bradford and Foster’s defensive display frustrating Lad, with the latter’s efforts earning him MVF honours. However, the superior attacking talent of Lad shone through- the returning 5.5 rated Ethan Duras bagging a hat trick, showing Dan truly didn’t know what he was doing with the ratings, and Hockley chipping in with 2 goals, backed by strong supporting play from Rowan, James and Oli. 2 late goals by Mason sparked hopes of a comeback, but Lad held on for a well-deserved 5-2 win. - Alex and Cal

Final Score Lad 4 - 2 Pride

MVP Ethan Duras

MVF Evan Foster

MVD George Bradford

Match 3: Marmite v Moose Lax

After a hard fought draw last week, Moose entered their game against Marmite looking to get back to winning ways. Marmite, meanwhile, hoped to stop the rot having failed to pick up any points so far. Perhaps third time lucky? The match was characterised by an emphasis on pride and passion over technical flair, as Dom “dump him on his back” Dunster and James “Bruiser” Bell looked to negate any marmite attacks. Returning skipper Gallagher was firm in his belief that this Tony Pulis brand of lacrosse was the way to go, an approach that very soon paid dividends. Matt Ridgewater fed off the long balls to continue his sparkling goalscoring form and, whilst Marmite threatened on occasion to get back into it, moments of quality from Louis, Oscar and Will put the game out of sight. - Fiachra

Final Score Moose 8 - 3 Marmite

MVP Fleming



Match 4: Brain Damage v Boom

Short of their captain and their highest rated player (once again) it was clear from the start that this would not be an easy match for Boom. The first half started slow with probably more hockey being played than lacrosse but Brain Damage got an early lead with a goal from Fernández. After presumably getting bored from a lack of goals, Boom goalie Cal Hockley decides to take it upon himself to run the pitch and have a shot. The outcome of this attempt is still debated however ref Rusdale makes a ballsy call and decides to give the goal, making it 1-1. The second half was less of a contest with the cracks in Boom’s defence starting to show. Wilmshurst, the egg and spoon demon, started the goal streak followed by 2 from Udrzal and 2 more from Fernandez. Boom did manage to score a goal, but were not able to recover from the deficit. - Ben U

Final Score BD 6 - 2 Boom

MVP Javi

MVF Ben Joe


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