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Feisty Ones vs Tiny Tots

Our first game of the week kicked off with Feisty ones vs Tiny Tots. It's not surprising that THE scottish hero Anna Monk stole the show scoring a hatrick for her team as well as a super goal from Celine. The return of Lydia Owen to the country saw her scoring 2 goals partnered up with the new 1’s captain Rebecca who also scored 2. With assists from both sides has camellia realised that lax is the superior sport? It was the debut game for many Netball players who were thrown into the deep end and were undoubtedly key players of both teams. Despite the FEISTY battle the game ended in a draw with the scores on the doors being 4-4.

MVP: Anna Monk

Bananarama vs Toasties

Our next game to kick off was Bananarama vs Toasties. This week Millie's confidence was knocked as they faced a loss against Bananarama. However she did join Anna, scoring a hatrick assisted by Kirsty. Are these two TNL 2021’s dynamic duo? Bananarama's top goal scorers were our lovely dev vice Caity and Sofia who seems to be unfazed by any challenge that she may face. We did see a few dangerous checks throughout the game but Millies goggles did the trick and she is still concussion free. It's easy to identify the key to Bananarama's success this week, as a special appearance from the legendary Jackie pushed them through, stealing the win with the score being 4-3.

MVP: Kirsy Hamilton

Cashback Lax vs Don’t touch my balls

The penultimate game of the day saw the biggest defeat yet as Cash Back Lax dominated the pitch. The Izzi Baker fan group cheered her on as she scored 2 goals for her team alongside Ash and Lucy who scored a goal each. On the opposing side our new 1’s vice scored the only goal for this team, whilst last week's top scorer Hasna seemed distracted. Was she upset about the fact she's leaving for 4 WEEKS or was she preoccupied with her little chickens? This game did however showcase some fabulous gymnastic skills from both teams, which arguably is a win all round. The game with a score of 4-1, but will Don't touch my ball's impressive team chant bring more luck to them next week?

MVP: Izzi Baker

Don Simon vs Motorboats

As the storm clouds rolled in, the last game of the day commenced. Don Simon saw the much awaited return of Saskia and Jess, with Jess joining Millie and Anna with a hacktrick. This team worked together like a machine with assists from both livia and Saskia who also scored the last goal. On the opposing team Katy broke through the defence to add another goal to her tally and with a little help from some willing volunteers another 2 goals were scored. Despite their valiant efforts Motorboats couldn’t quite get into the lead with our last game ending in 4-3 to Don Simon.

MVP: Jess Roberts

Dick of the day: Alexa for having 1 too many...

Join us next week for another Tuesday night filled with lacrosse. Will Don't touch my balls suffer without Hasna (did you know she was Dev captain), or will her words of encouragement over facetime be enough? Her little chickens are starting to shine through but rumor has it the netball girls were at Dev on Thursday, will their new found skills make them realise that they are in the wrong sport? Speaking of wrong sports has caity realised that rugby tackling does not feature in lacrosse yet? Come join us as all will be revealed in week 3 of TNL!

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