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Brain Damage v Moose Lax

Despite dismantling a strong Lad team last week, Moose came into the fixture wounded by the absence of three skillful attack players and their cap, Fiachra ‘yappy’ Gallagher. The Brain Damage game plan was clear from the start - everyone stop Matt, anything else is a secondary concern. This worked to an extent with Adam especially defending well, however the BD team completely forgot that to win you actually need to score goals, and after a long range strike from Wateridge, Moose took a 2-1 lead into the half. After Shrimsole equalised for BD, in the dying seconds Javi had a clean look to clinch the win - however he of course choked, and the teams split the points.

Final Score BD 2 - 2 Moose


MVF Adam

Most Valuable Defender James Bell

Boom Lax v Team Lad

Still reeling from a rough fixture with Moose, Lad suffered from a poor turnout this week, with rumours spreading that after seeing Cal’s T shirt design many had decided to call it quits. With four present and our first forfeit looking possible, out of nowhere a one game loan signing of graduated 1s player Luca Flury stood to strengthen the Lad team. Sadly, after being hyped up Luca’s main contribution to the match was to miss the easiest 1-on-1 in the history of lacrosse, missing a genuine sitter after Boom and everyone else on tarkett had given up on the play.

Lad dominated the first half, with Walker (3), Baker (2) and Rowan linking up well to build a lead. The second half, however, was much closer, Craft and Nye scoring good solo goals and the whole Boom team defending well. The Lad lead proved to be unassailable, but the Boom squad look a threat as the tournament goes forward with the return of Flake Barker imminent.

Final Score Lad 6 - 2 Boom

MVP Walker

MVF Rushat

MVD Rowan

SnoreLax v Warwick Pride

Fresh out of a Copyright battle with Nintendo over a certain pokemon logo, captain Fulk lead out a strong Snore core to take on Pride, both teams having won their first games. With the referee Baker enjoying the hits more than anyone, this game turned into another brawl, as many were left asking if there even was a referee for most of the first half. Despite this, some good lacrosse emerged - Reece scoring twice, and both the Zaks and debutant Amit also getting on the scoresheet for Snore. However despite another good game from Mason and a slick solo goal from Rusdale, the Snore attack was too much. In the end Snore won comfortably and are sitting comfortably at the top of the table early doors.

Final Score Snore 6 - 3 Pride

MVP Reece

MVF Amit

MVD Ollie

Team Marmite v Shark Lax

With Haak (pictured) almost 2 million more than anyone else in this game in the fantasy rankings, clearly the key for any Marmite opponent is to keep Ben out of the game as much as possible. This proved difficult, and the dev cap was still able to run the Marmite team effectively, with Nolan again strong in support and Max doing the usual defensive bulldoze job behind. However, a deep Shark squad was still able to break through, with Ed BC and captain Phillips (2) providing the goals to see Shark through to their first win. This game also almost featured the first keeper goal from Baker - Oli making it the length of the pitch before getting levelled by Humphries. In a shocking show of remorse Max offered a hand up, before quickly realising what he was doing and pushing Oli back to the ground - normality is restored.

Final Score Shark 3 - 2 Marmite

MVP Jake

MVF Hamish


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