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TNL Week 1 Match Report

I’ll start with an apology - having run out of phone charge within the first half of the first game, I have no idea what actually happened in these matches - so if you came for an accurate report of the weeks events, reading on is not recommended.

Team Marmite v Snore Lax

After a long delay, the tournament started with the hotly anticipated tie between the two top fantasy players, with Haak and Piper facing off. Marmite struggled to get a foothold in the game, and two goals from Piper made it 2-0, before Nolan pulled one back. It should be noted that Marmite were playing a man down for most of the game - Max completely preoccupied by decking Piper at any opportunity. That said, the photo below demonstrates a lovely whipped cross into the box from Max:

The second half was a more even contest, with Haak showing glimpses of what got him an 8.5. There were gasps from the crowd as the Development Captain split the Snore defence, with most having forgotten Ben was on the pitch. Nevertheless, Snore then closed out the game well, and a third goal on the whistle sealed their first win.

Final score Marmite 1 - 3 Snore

Most Valuable Player Reece

Most Valuable Fresh Taimur

Boom Lax v Warwick Pride

In the days running up to the match, on discovering Barker would not make the first game, Rusdale had written this off as an easy first win. However, a deadline day pick-up of James Craft stood to completely change Boom’s prospects. In the end, the game was dominated by standout Fresh performances - Felix and Ezra scoring a goal each on their debuts, and Zacky batting the ball in somehow for a third. Despite this, the victory was sealed by a strong performance from Pride captain Mason, scoring 4 and linking with Rusdale well.

Score Pride 4 - 3 Boom

MVP Mason

MVF Ezra

Shark Lax v Brain Damage

Despite this match being billed as the new captains facing off, this did not come to fruition as O’Herlihy played about 2 minutes of questionable lacrosse total. Brain Damage got off to a quick start, scoring two early in the first half, and we went into halftime still close at 2-0, with Shrimsole (?) And Javi linking up nicely. A much better performance from a promising Shark team in the second half brought the game back to 2-1, with every Shark player contributing. A fresh signing after the deadline for Shark potentially breaching FFP rules will further improve their prospects - please leave your complaints regarding this signing in any bin, anywhere in leam - I’m sure it'll get back to me.

Score BD 2 - 1 Shark

MVP Javi


Moose Lax v Team Lad

I’m gonna hold my hands up here - this one’s my bad. Having got some chat for making Moose loaded during the week, I stood my ground. However, a lot of things added up to make it obvious that those accusations are correct. One of these is the team having four ‘big bois’ in the squad to complement some skilful attack players. However the main shock was Ed Butler Caddle, who scored twice early, including a falling goal past the whole Lad team. Fortunately, within hours of the match Ed BC messaged me begging for a team switch as he ‘couldn’t take another second of Floppy's chat’. He also requested a switch on to my team - I felt awful about doing it but you do what you have to do.

This game saw some highlights from Lad, as Rowan created an early candidate for goal of the tournament, running through the team before setting up Walker to finish. This however did not stop incessant complaints from Rowan, including embarrassingly DMing the ref with ‘photo evidence of a push in the back’, then attaching a photo of him being grazed slightly by a Moose defender. Lad captain Cal Hockley also produced the shock of the week by flooring James Bell, despite at least a 40kg size difference. Naturally Bell immediately claimed he tripped - the photos suggest otherwise…

Score (probably) Moose 8 - 2 Lad

MVP Matt Wateridge


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