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Second match of the season and first home match started the first half with a strong 4-3 to the mighty Loughborough University. With two beautiful goals from our fresher Maddie and a 3rd goal from Hannah accidentally passing to Loughborough goal keeper who knocked it in performing an own goal, however a goal is a goal. By half time we were all either tired or hungover, who knows the difference anymore? Second half saw another goal from Maddie and an unfortunate 10 goals from Loughborough, finishing 14-4 to Loughborough. Although second half saw a treacherous decline we started with a strong performance, almost as strong as Finley’s chunder from the side of the pitch. Our most valuable player goes to fresher Alex Tatchell who impressed us all as a midfielder being his first mixed game. DOTD goes to Finley for having an asthma attack and missing two goals.

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