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'Joining Warwick Lacrosse was the Best Decision I've Made So Far'

Joining Warwick Lacrosse has been one of the best decisions I have made at university so far. At the beginning of the year I was concerned that, as I had not played before, I would be left far behind every other member of the club. However, I soon realised that there were a large group of girls who were in exactly the same position as me and that we would all be learning together, in the Women’s Development team.

This team was the perfect place for me to start, as the atmosphere created by our excellent Captains was encouraging and fun. The girls I have met in Development come from across the whole spectrum of degrees offered at Warwick, meaning that I have since become great friends with people whom I would otherwise not have met. Teams grow close across the course of the academic year, training together each week, motivating each other, and communicating across the Warwick Lacrosse social media.

Despite not competing in the same leagues as the more advanced teams, there are lots of opportunities for Development players. I have played in a number of tournaments within this team, and I would highly stress the importance of getting involved in as many as possible!

This possibility for involvement also extends to the rest of Warwick Lacrosse. When one of our teams is playing at home, members from across the club come out to support them, with an especially high turnout for the annual Varsity match against Coventry.

Warwick Lacrosse is a very social and welcoming club, with frequent events planned both on campus and in nearby Leamington Spa. My favourite event so far has been the Alumni Tournament, where members were sorted into mixed ability teams to compete against each other. Playing with girls who are better and more experienced at Lacrosse than I am really improved my understanding of the game and inspired me to train even harder next year.

Warwick Lacrosse also hosts an annual Alumni Ball, where past members of the club are invited back to meet the current student members. This legacy highlights that Warwick Lacrosse is a family, and a club that members are proud to associate with even after graduating university.

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