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Final TNL Report (WOMEN'S)

The final TNL report

The time has come where we say farewell to TNL for another year. As we come to a close I think it's time we look back on some highlights of this year's tournament.

We begin way back in week 1 where the don't touch my balls pre match chant started. Although questionable at the beginning, this soon began a ritual for the team, and even with some mockery other teams too began to adopt this too. This simple thing highlights so much what TNL is about, having fun, not taking yourself too seriously and team spirit.

Our next mention goes to the Izzi Baker fan group which emerged in week 2. I’m still not sure who this team is composed of but wow did you put Izzi under some pressure. This aside, whoever you may be, you brought some great atmosphere to the tournament as well as some near misses when you lost control of the football. If it was me I’d stick to lacrosse….

After the initial excitement of TNL had died down a bit in week 3, we began to see some amazing talent shining through. Star players included the dev girls Lucy Hayter, Amber Bentley, Florence Schneck, Hannah Nolan and Elliemae alongside many others. Honestly the list could go on, all i’m going to say is im excited to play with you all next year.

Skipping ahead to week 5, we saw our first major fouls…. Alice decided the best way to re enter the pitch after 6 months was to get sent off, alongside Celine who had to learn the rules the hard way.

In our penultimate week we saw some of the best lacrosse seen throughout this whole tournament. We had some big names return to the game including Jackie Chan who proved to everyone that an injury won't stop you forever!

Rounding off TNL was our finals run in week 8. Unfortunately this had to be postponed due to COVID ( apparently there was a new strain being passed around called the Kelseys variant?!?!?) and henceforth was a bit of a shambolic event. So, our winners have been decided from the previous weeks and the results can be seen below alongside fantasy. As well as this, team captains have decided on a MVP for each team for the whole duration of TNL! So drumroll please….

MVP Toasties: Millie Geddes

MVP Tiny Tots: Rachel Duffy

MVP Feisty Ones: Lydia Owen-Morrell

MVP Bananarama: Sofia Hassan

MVP Don Simon: Jess Roberts

MVP Motorboats: Miranda Hodgeson

MVP Cashback Lax: Ash Morar

MVP Don’t touch my balls: Christie Marlborough

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