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Cambridge v Warwick 1sts 30/11/2016

Cambridge 12 - Warwick 6

Despite the match not starting as well as Warwick would have hoped, the final score does not reflect how well Warwick played. Cambridge had a strong attacking settle, and Warwick's defence did their best at keeping them out.

Cambridge successfully put a lot of pressure on Warwick in midfield and attack, sometimes doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the ball, however Warwick worked hard to maintain possession in such circumstances.

In terms of attack, we should congratulate Warwick's (wo)man of the match, Sarena, as picked out by the Cambridge captain, for her brilliant runs through the midfield, and her relentless drives on goal. Warwick's captain, Becky, also played extraordinarily well, constantly helping the team to regain possession, and guard the ball safely out of the defensive third.

Team: Sarena Clarke (2), Bella Duncan (1), Tobi Enaigbe, Anne Le Roux, Georgie Lane, India Mackay, Emily Mort, Becky Munroe, Jess Noakes, Ugochi Onwuanibe, Malika Oyebola, Meleesha Perera, Tabitha Pople, Katie Standen, Meghna Vaghini, Neve Walker.

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