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The University of Warwick Lacrosse Club has one of the largest memberships of any sports club at Warwick University! Through the dedication and commitment of our members, we have also managed to secure the performance status for the next two years, so there are even more big things yet to come. 

As Most Charitable Club of the Year in 2017/18, we strive to raise as much money as possible each year for our chosen charity the Beer-Harris Memorial Trust, in loving memory of Joe Harris, UWLC alumnus. This is in addition to being actively involved in, and highly committed to, fundraising and charity work for a range of other chosen causes.

We were awarded Exec of the Year 2018/19 and pride ourselves in catering to and welcoming players of every ability, from the complete beginners to the international players!

It is this ethos that makes Warwick Lacrosse not only so welcoming but also so fun! Socials are firmly placed at the heart of the club and contribute to the team spirit, great memories and general merriment that we can guarantee to our members. 



"There's always something Lax happening so it's very easy slot in! It's been so great meeting other students outside of my course too"

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All Videos

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"I felt very welcome as an older newbie, I think it's been amazing! Warwick Lacrosse are very understanding of work and other commitments I have as a Post-Grad and are a lovely group of people" 

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